Live showing with the filmmakers at your church

DAWN is a film about the responsibility of keeping our children safe.  We believe that this is not just a parental responsibility; but that of a community of concerned, involved, and responsive friends, neighbors, educators, and law-enforcement.

With the continuing slaughter of our children on school grounds, it is imperative that our eyes and hearts are attuned in the spirit to anyone that is suspicious in nature:  No matter who it is.

Are we willing to get out of our comfort zones to keep a child safe?  How many times have we felt the Spirit of God give us a nudge or a feeling about something or someone.  If we would just be obedient to hear God speak to our hearts:   It could mean a life saved.

The church tour will start in the DMV local area.  Contact us on this website with an inquiry and basic information.   Then the process starts.  This film was meant to be shared.

Child abduction is a serious issue, and we feel this movie shows the power of God working in the heart of an individual to aid a child in danger.   God bless..

Church Package 1

Price: $180 

Size: 100 or less church members

Church Package 2

Price: $280

Size:  250 or less church members

Church Package 3

Price: $380

Size:  500 or less church members

Church Package 4

Price: $480

Size:  1000 or less church members

Church Package 5

Price: $580

Size: 2000 or less church members

Details:   A professional projector (1080 HD), and a 120 inch screen is available for the highest quality showing experience.   

If your church already has a projection system in place, please contact us in advance to inform us of your specifics. We want  your church to experience the film at its highest quality. 

Also available:  After showing Q&A with filmmakers.